About us

Fauna Laboratories, Ltd. is a private company, founded by two professional scientists-arachnologists - Doctor Chingis K. Tarabaev and Dr. Andrey A. Feodorov - from Institute of Zoology Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The head of the company, Dr. A. Feodorov, is a renowned scientist and arachnologist.

Fauna Laboratories, Ltd.'s main activity is venom producing from various animals, especially from arachnids. The company's specialists have patented new ways of spider and scorpion venom producing.

Since 1992, Fauna Laboratories, Ltd. has been in cooperation with an American company Spider Pharm, Inc. Spider Pharm, Inc has transferred to Fauna Laboratories, Ltd. its technologies for raising captive spiders and venom production.

Fauna Laboratories, Ltd.'s method of spider venom production totally excludes the possibility of adulteration by any kind of impurity.

Fauna Laboratories, Ltd.'s customers are some well known American and other overseas companies and institutions: Cyanamid, Merck, University of California, University of Zurich and London's Imperial College, to name but a few. In doing so, the production of Fauna Laboratories, Ltd. has earned a reputation of high quality and purity.

Fauna Laboratories, Ltd. specializes in the collection of new types of venoms from the fauna of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and offers them for research purposes.

In addition, Fauna Laboratories, Ltd. is able to offer the services of its specialists on contract, for the organization of field trips in search of animal venom, especially that of arachnids, to any region of the world.

Apart from venom, Fauna Laboratories, Ltd. is producing visual aids for schools, colleges and universities. These aids take the form of black widows and other spiders, scorpions, insects and other invertebrates, encased in perfectly clear resin. Apart from their educational uses, they make great souvenirs. We have already produced experimental prototypes of a highly satisfactory quality.

Additional Information

Spider venoms are used mainly for research purposes, for the discovery of different new active effects.

They are employed as precise instruments in molecular biological and biological research, fulfilling certain functions in work on the intra-cell level.

They are used in the pharmacological industry as naturally (not synthetically) derived biological substances.

They are also employed in agriculture, in the creation of environmentally-friendly insecticides, based upon naturally derived insect-toxins, specifically for the elimination of harmful insects.